Gemini Male Characteristics

Find out the characteristics of Gemini male.

Gemini Male Characteristics

  • A Gemini man is lively and charming. He possesses a very active mind and body.

  • He often looks much younger than his age. Being ruled by the planet Mercury, they love travelling. They are restless and get easily bored.

  • Men belonging to this star sign are impatient. They cannot focus on a single thing and always indulge in multiple trades.

  • He is friendly and affectionate towards people and gets along with people from all walks of life.

  • A Gemini man is intelligent, versatile and loves to communicate with people. He enjoys sharing his ideas and also has a witty nature.

  • A Gemini man is a party animal and loves to enjoy life to the fullest. Entertainment is always his first preference. He loves to socialize.

  • Boredom and monotony suffocates him. He rarely gets into a relationship and if he does get into one, he expects his partner to be equally interesting as he is. He often tends to change his partners.

  • A Gemini man is not egoistic. He loves to interact with like-minded people.

  • A Gemini man loves to have an intelligent audience. He hates to be alone.

  • He is not jealous and possessive about things. He always likes to move on and never ponders about the past.