Gemini Personality Characteristics

Find out about the personality characteristics of Gemini zodiac sign. Know what a Gemini person is likely to behave/live in life.

Gemini Personality Characteristics

Gemini is associated with the first planet of the solar system-Mercury, which is linked to intelligence and communication. Hence, individuals born under this sign are very good communicators and can win people over by their eloquent speech apart from being very versatile and witty. These characteristics can also be attributed to the fact that Gemini is a mutable sign which ensures good communication and mediation skills. So, they are usually compromising, which would imply that they are good in relationships but they easily get bored and hence can be out of a relationship in no time. Their inventive nature is due to the fact that Gemini is ruled by the element Air, but this has a downside too as they may also come across as being too scheming and calculative. They may also seem to be superficial and under stress most of the time. They can be restless and full of nervous energy.